Key To Enterprise Security

Key To Enterprise Security


Documents are an organization’s most private statistics and figures which need to be safeguarded from falling into the wrong hands. For instance as a financial consultant, a clients financial statements are the most important documents for the success of your business.




The word “Security” has dramatically changed in recent years with its severity rising as breach of security stands at the top of the charts in today’s world, regardless whether it is in the physical form or virtually. Companies which are ill-prepared to face security attacks could suffer losses in revenue, competitive advantage, market share and sales opportunities. Electronic commerce are said to be especially vulnerable to security breaches. Due to their size and usually lower resources, security breaches seem to affect small and medium-size companies more than others. These are only a few possibilities of damages or breach of security that will incur millions of dollars in losses. Safeguard your organization by selecting the right security measure offering reinforced PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), interoperability, mobility and validity of transactions.





Protects files using strong encryption algorithm. The encryption key that protects the file is generated on-the-fly based on the passphrase presented and the unique identifier from Keyper. Neither the passphrase nor the encryption key is stored in any form in Keyper or hard disk. The variable length passphrase makes it difficult for password dictionary attack. Without the corresponding Keyper and the correct passphrase, the files will remain protected in the hard disk or in Keyper itself, for as long as it takes.

  • File compression automatically compresses the files it protects. This frees up storage space on your hard disk or Keyper - providing additional space to store more files.
  • File recovery comes with a File Recovery Utility program that provides users with a simple yet secure way to recover or unprotect files if Keyper is lost, stolen or in the unlikely event that it is damaged.
  • Robust hardware Unlike the hard disk in a computer, Keyper is small and lightweight. It contains a solid-state 'Flash' memory that keeps data permanently even when the power goes off.
  • Convenience Not dependent on any software driver, cables or batteries. When it is plugged into the USB port, the PC/notebook automatically identifies the "Driverless" USB token as a logical device that can be accessed in the same manner as any other drive.


  • Assessment and consulting
  • Detail Design to meet your needs
  • Installation & Configuration

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