A-One Cyber Protect

Cut Through the Complexity of Cybersecurity

Discover the ultimate solution for comprehensive data protection and security tailored for enterprise needs – our all-in-one integrated backup and cybersecurity platform.

Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and recovery capabilities include the ability to bring data back in whatever form it’s needed, while disaster recovery minimizes downtime with the ability to quickly spin-up workloads in case of a DR event.

Full ransomware protection

Our AI powered cybersecurity solutions include next-gen antimalware, email security, and endpoint detection & response to enable partners with strong, complete protection against ransomware and other threats.

Endpoint management and protection

Streamline day-to-day tasks through scripting while also fortifying security through automated patch management, ensuring comprehensive system optimization and safeguarding against potential vulnerabilities.


Easy, Efficient, and Secure Cyber Protection

By running A-One Cyber Protect on the cloud, you can deliver advanced cybersecurity protection to every endpoint, regardless of their location. A-One is well-suited for today’s highly flexible work environments.


Comprehensive Protection Against Modern Threats.

Anti-malware & anti-virus

Protect your data, applications, and systems proactively from advanced cyberattacks.

Fail-safe patching

Eliminate the risk of patch failures that render the system unusable. Automatically backup before patching for seamless recovery.

Forensic backup

Simplify future analysis by collecting digital evidence, such as memory dumps and process information, from disk-level backups.

Secure recovery

Prevent recurring malware infections with automatic patching and system scans, using the latest anti-malware definitions.

Continuous data protection

Instantly safeguard new data with Acronis agents, ensuring continuous backup of changes for reimaging resilience.

Threat monitoring and intelligent alerts

Get real-time alerts from A-One network about malware, vulnerabilities, disasters, and global events affecting data protection.

Data protection and compliance

Ensure compliance reporting with detailed data insights and automatic classification for crucial file protection tracking.

Global and local allowed list for backups

Use advanced anti-malware to scan backups and whitelist your organization's unique apps to prevent future false positives.


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