Is Your Critical Business Data In Danger Form Cybercrime?

Is Your Critical Business Data In Danger Form Cybercrime?

The Internet has changed all our lives and although you may not know it, many of us are dependent on cloud computing in some way.


For businesses, cloud services are providing an inexpensive, flexible and scalable platform on which to store data. But as more companies use the internet, so do more cyber criminals.


Chrissie Maryanto, Marketing Director of PT Prosperita – ESET Indonesia, provider of antivirus software and Internet security solutions, said, “Most Internet users in Indonesia still don’t really understand cybercrime. Limitations of knowledge for the user can backfire and bring havoc. Therefore, Internet users need to … implement software in order to surf safely and comfortably.”


As well as installing firewalls, antivirus and anti-spyware applications, you should also make sure you regularly backup your data. And it’s crucial that your backup is separate from your main network, so if a primary computer is infected, your backed up data is still in a safe place. You can then clear the infected systems of malware and successfully restore information.

Research shows not enough companies have backup in place

Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly popular, and more businesses are using their cloud platforms to handle disaster recovery.


A survey by Kroll Ontrack of 1000 customers worldwide, of which around one-third had experienced data loss despite the use of a backup solution, found:


  • 33% reported they make backups online
  • 17% of businesses and consumers backup their data on tape
  • 35% of those who lost data did not have a current backup
  • 67% of users who experienced data loss and had access to a backup said they were able to restore almost all their data
  • 13% were able to restore up to three-quarters of their data
  • 1/4 of respondents reported that their backup failed to work properly
  • 12% reported a corrupted backup

14% of respondents worldwide said the difficulty of finding the right backup solution, plus the expense of managing it, was why they chose not to use one.

The benefits of backup and disaster recovery in the cloud

As the above statistics show, it’s crucial to choose the right solution for your organization to avoid the risk of backup failure.


Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-scale solution that can support your company’s data storage with cloud computing technology and give you up to 80% cost savings compared to using tape or a data storage solution.


Azure allows you to create a backup of data, applications and servers directly to the Microsoft data center in the cloud. And since Azure relies on Microsoft’s global network of data centers, you can back up data without worrying about capacity.


Site Recovery monitors the state of your protected instances continuously and remotely from Azure. When replicating between two sites that you control, your virtual machines’ data and replication remains on your networks.


What Azure offers is a flexible, pay-as-you-use storage platform with unlimited scalability. That’s a winning combination for businesses who want to control their data – and their budgets.


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