Asia’s Digital Transformation Means More Backup And Disaster Recovery In The Cloud


80% of business leaders in Asia Pacific believe that they need to transform to a digital business to enable future growth and yet only 29% said that they have a full digital strategy in place today.

The Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Study undertaken to understand how business leaders are embracing the digital era, showed that many organizations are now looking to cloud:

  • 81% felt cloud computing, and the decreasing cost of devices have made it more affordable for companies of any sizes to transform digitally
  • 78% regarded cloud computing as essential in their digital transformation strategy

The cloud is now secure

According to business leaders surveyed in the study, the top barrier to digital transformation is cyber threats and security concerns. And some of those worries center around the use of cloud and it’s perceived secureness.

But that view is changing.

A Microsoft Asia Pacific survey of 1,200 IT leaders conducted in September 2016 found that 87% believed in the longer term the cloud will be safer.

And as a backup and disaster recovery solution, the cloud offers a flexible and stable platform. Azure Backup is a backup-as-a-service offering from Microsoft that allows you to offload data protection workloads to the cloud. And now Azure has a new Instant Restore feature that also enables it to act as a restore-as-a-service solution.

Azure allows you to create a backup of data, applications and servers directly to the Microsoft data center in the cloud. And since Azure relies on Microsoft’s global network of data centers, you can back up data without worrying about capacity.

What you get from Azure is multiple storage options based on your needs with unlimited scaling – and as you can pay-as-you-use, it becomes an enticing proposition for businesses large and small.


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