Businesses today are faced with the almost insurmountable task of complying with a confusing array of laws and regulations relating to data privacy and security. These can come from a variety of sources: local, state, national, and, even, international law makers. This is not just a problem for big businesses.

Even a small business with a localised geographic presence may be subject to laws from other states and, possibly, other nations by virtue of having a presence on the internet.



- What We Offer -



Security assesment 

Whether you develop corporate applications internally, or purchase them from third parties, you’ll know that a single coding error can create a vulnerability exposing you to attacks resulting in considerable financial or reputational damage. 


Information security training 

Cybersecurity education is the critical tool for enterprises faced with an increasing volume of constantly evolving threats. IT Security staff need to be skilled in the advanced techniques that form a key component of effective enterprise threat management and mitigation strategies.


Managed security services

More cyberthreats are appearing every day, in all their different guises and through many different attack vectors. Minimize the impact of a cyber attack with 24x7 monitoring by our experts and correlation with the global threat landscape.