Smart and powerful solutions that achieve high margins when providing high-value cybersecurity services to your customers.

Why Logsign for MSSPs?

Shake Hands With a Trustworthy Partner Who Understands Your Business

In today’s competitive and ever-growing MSSP environment, we are aware that operating at high efficiency is no longer optional. Like a close friend or teammate, we promise to walk behind you every step of the way. We provide high margins and continuous close-contact and support, and understand the needs of product development or regional specifications. We enable you to offer advanced services to new and existing customers, opening new markets and revenue streams. We provide the tools you need to collaborate with your customers, maintain full visibility into your managed operations, and easily demonstrate the value you deliver. You’ll feel confident and lucky to work with a trusted partner like us.

Benefits of Logsign Solutions

Bulk license agreements allow you to acquire multiple Logsign SIEM and SOAR licenses and, if needed, additional licenses. Our licensing models give you multiple options and flexibility.


We maintain your competitive advantage by achieving high margins and offering the right pricing to your customers. By organizing deployment, admin and analyst trainings, we prepare the environment where your teams will work most efficiently.

When working in unison, SIEM, SOAR, and TI solutions form a powerful comprehensive defense environment for cyber security teams.


We enable you to provide integrated and high-quality service with our smart and state-of-the-art SIEM and SOAR solutions. Our products, which work independently of each other and in perfect harmony, are easily installed thanks to the vendor-free integration capability. They can be unlimitedly scaled horizontally or vertically and expanded according to your needs.

Highly Qualified, Close-Contact Support Reason to Feel Comfortable.

Solving problems during deployment and use; improving maintenance, monitoring, and analysis; and reducing false positives are all necessary for you to use the system efficiently. Our platform provides comprehensive support during the lifecycle of all SIEM, SOAR solutions and Co-Managed services. Our competent and trained support team is available 24/7 to support you at any time…

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