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Ensuring your company’s digital security does not need to be a concern when you apply the right solution.

Our products serve to ensure the smooth operation of your company’s critical system. Learn which solution is best suited for each need and how it works in practice.


Security and Risk Management

senhasegura offers a complete set of functionalities to increase security and mitigate cybersecurity risks in heterogeneous and complex environments.

Compliance and Audit

senhasegura ensures compliance with the most strict cybersecurity requirements, including specific industry standards and data protection legislation


senhasegura DevOps Secret Management helps protect the entire development and operations pipeline, from application development to application monitoring

Cloud Security

Achieve maximum levels of security for your cloud infrastructure by isolating, monitoring, and logging all privileged Cloud access.

Privileged Identity

Complete management of all devices connected to the environment and their respective credentials, including Digital Certificates.

Privileged Access

Centralized access management for protection and control of high privilege credentials, providing secure storage, access segregation, and full traceability of use.

Privileged Auditing

Complete management of all devices connected to the environment and their respective credentials, including Digital Certificates

Privileged Infrastructure

The full feature set, including a unique hardware solution, plus load balancing and monitoring, for integrated solution operation.

“senhasegura’s discovery feature allows fast onboard of all devices and credentials in the environment, which improves visibility and security“

“senhasegura is a PAM solution that helps centralizing privileged access of internal teams and third-party. The all-in-one system architecture delivers High Availability in our multisite infrastructure…

Infrastructure and Operations Coordinator | Transportation Industry

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*Data by Risk Based Security

Do you know how to mensure your PAM Maturity level and apply it to your organization?

We want to bring all of our PAM experience to your company. That is why we developed PAMaturity, a maturity assessment model to assess how your company is on the journey towards Privileged Access Management, regardless of its industry or size.

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