Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

The following factors need to be considered when choosing a Volume Licensing program; the size of the organization, whether perpetual or non-perpetual licenses are required, whether Software Assurance is required, and whether the organization wants to standardize the software on all their PCs.

Industrial Cybersecurity

Recent research has found that cyber-attacks cause 35% of industrial networkmalfunction incidents. Supported by highly skilled IT experts we believe can provides solution to protect your business from all of kind cyber crime.

Industrial Cybersecurity

Data Centre

In today’s fast-paced world, you need an infrastructure that’s ready to support your changing workloads and organizational needs. We provide you the solutions and the support you need to further your goals. Because with a flexible, resilient and efficient data center, you can support flexibility, resiliency and efficiency throughout your organization.

Information Security

Businesses today are faced with the almost insurmountable task of complying with a confusing array of laws and regulations relating to data privacy and security. These can come from a variety of sources: local, state, national, and, even, international law makers. This is not just a problem for big businesses. Even a small business with a localised geographic presence may be subject to laws from other states and, possibly, other nations by virtue of having a presence on the internet.

Information security

CAD/CAM Solution

Our solution could help customers to easily migrate from 2D way of design to a 3D modeling environment to achieve a significant time and cost saving in their development and design cycle. In addition SOLUSI also provide software that commonly used in working fields such as Electrical, Mapping & GIS and also multimedia / Visualization.

Learning Solutions

PT Sarana Solusindo Informatika Known as SOLUSI has been providing high quality IT learning solutions to enterprise for more than 30 years. SOLUSI was the first Microsoft and Autodesk authorized training center in Indonesia.