Webinar A-ONE

A New Era of Cyber Protection: Exploring A-One' Next-Generation Backup, Email Security, and EDR Features

Welcome to a journey into the revolutionary future of data protection. A-One presents innovative solutions that will change the way you perceive Cyber security and backup. In find the advanced world of solutions offered by A-One, includes cutting-edge backup, email security, and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology.

Date and Time :

    • Tuesday,November 7th 2023
    • 2 PM - 4 PM

Speaker :

    Irzal Ramadlani ( Solution Engineer, IND-ANZ A-One )

    Kalvin Kaligis ( IT Service Manager – PT.Sarana Solusindo Informatika)

Who Should Be Attend : IT Security Lead , IT Security Decision Maker

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