Windows & SQL Server on Azure

Migrating to Windows Server & SQL Server on Azure offers you seamless hybrid capabilities, all while protecting you from losing valuable data with backup and site recovery.

Do Big Things with Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

With cost savings and efficiency top of mind, migrating to Windows Server & SQL Server on Azure provides you the most cost-effective, friction-less way to move to the Cloud. Intelligent security and performance features mean consistent and predictable workload performance, and you can get the lowest cost of ownership by combining unique pricing options and extended security updates. Fully-managed infrastructure and services take the pressure of management off your teams and free you up to spend more time creating.


Modernize digital processes to improve profitability and ensure data security

  • Reduce costs and streamline IT resources
  • Modernize by migrating to a flexible, open cloud
  • Innovate new apps or manage existing server apps with unlimited flexibility
  • Ensure data protection, security, and business continuity

Benefits of running Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

Moving Windows Server and SQL workloads to Azure provides flexible, scalable, and highly available cloud infrastructure, while supporting rapid innovation and digital transformation—freeing you to innovate.

Better Integration

Better Compatibility

Less Support Needed

Leverage Existing Windows & SQL Skills

Pay less, get more

Spend less time managing servers that are running locally and more time adding business value. Respond quickly to changes with the ability to add capacity during peak seasons and reduce it when you need less. Pay only for what you use for short or seasonal cloud needs or pay a predictable rate for always-on critical services. Manage cloud costs with Azure tools that easily track utilization and follow cost savings recommendations.

Modernize and scale with flexibility

Access enterprise-grade server infrastructure without having to run your own on-premises servers and storage by running Windows Server on Azure Virtual Machines. Migrate business critical apps with surprising ease when you’re ready and at your own pace, by migrate one, a few, or all your apps at once. Get unlimited innovation by building new apps on Azure to better serve your customers – such as web apps with chat bots. Simplify management of Windows Server anywhereby using Windows Admin Center to manage Windows Server in Azure and on your own servers.

Update and protect applications

Guard against threats using built-in security features across on-premises and cloud deployments. Stay up and running with full backup and recovery to the cloud. Make app access easy with secure single sign-on so that employees can safely access their apps and devices from anywhere. Protect apps running Windows and SQL Server by upgrading to the latest version in Azure or stay protected with 3 more years of extended security updates.

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