Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) enables businesses to perform app and desktop virtualization efficiently and securely by running it on Azure (the cloud).

The Best Virtual Desktop Experience, Delivered on Azure

Windows Virtual Desktop gives you the most cost-effective, seamless way to move to the Cloud or support your hybrid environment. It helps your employees stay as productive with a virtualized experience on a PC, phone, tablet, or browser as they are with a physical PC sitting right in front of them.

With Windows Virtual Desktop, organizations can optimize their desktop virtualization experience and leverage the power of a modern cloud to be more flexible with their workforce, run specialized apps, and improve security.


Optimize your desktop virtualization experience to leverage the power of a modern cloud

  • Expand capabilities with the best virtualized end-user experience
  • Realize more efficient and simplified management
  • Ensure security and modernization with a standardized, global cloud
  • Significantly reduce costs without compromising quality

Security and Windows Virtual Desktop

Identity and access

Azure offers enterprise level cloud identity governance that enables you to manage access, secure endpoints, and identify potential threats.

Network security

Isolate your Azure virtual machines and data from undesirable traffic and users. Securely connect to your on-premises datacenter or a single computer using Azure Virtual Network.

Data protection

Microsoft makes data protection a priority. Technology safeguards such as encryption keep your data yours, and operational processes about data destruction keep it safe from prying eyes.

Data privacy

You control where your data resides and who can access it. Limit Microsoft access to and use of your data—we never use your customer data for advertising purposes.

Threat defense

Protection from known and emerging threats requires constant vigilance, and an array of defenses is in place. Continuous monitoring and analysis of traffic help to reveal anomalies and threats.

Compliance programs and certifications

Cloud compliance is easier with Azure. By providing compliant independently verified services, we streamline compliance for the infrastructure and applications you run in Azure.

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